Spravato is an FDA-approved treatment for depressed patients who have not had good success with medication management and therapy.  

Spravato is a nasal spray and it is given in an office setting where patients are monitored for two hours.  Patients come in to do treatments twice a week for four weeks, then once a week for four weeks, and then every two weeks after that.  Over time, some treatments are spaced out even further.  

Some patients will see a positive response in their symptoms in the first few treatments but it is also common to require a few weeks of treatment to see improvement.  Patients often note improvement in mood, more energy, more enjoyment in activities, and more motivation.  

What is a treatment like?  

Patients are in a private room and many patients rest or listen to music or podcasts during the two hours they are being monitored.  APC's RN, Bud Green, will check in several times to see how the patient is doing and monitor blood pressure.  After two hours, patients are evaluated one more time and then discharged.  Because of the sedating effects, patients need someone to give them a ride home afterwards.

Potential side effects

For the first couple of hours post-treatment, it is possible to feel sleepy, dizzy, anxious, or disconnected from yourself, thoughts, feeling, space, time (dissociation).  Patients are monitored for increase in blood pressure.  Some patients may also feel some nausea.  

Spravato & Insurance

Because Spravato is FDA-approved, it is often covered by insurances.  

To schedule a consult to see if Spravato may be a good option for you, please contact our office at (501) 448-0060.

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