James Davis IV, M.D.

Our Physicians

James O. Davis IV, M.D.

Psychiatrist/Clinical Director, TMS services

Dr. Davis completed his psychiatric residency in 2008 at UAMS. Since that time, he has built his adult outpatient practice at Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic. He specializes in treatment-refractory depression, TMS, and Spravato in addition to his work in student mental health at UCA and Hendrix.

“I have seen the devastating impact that depression can have on patients and their families. Luckily, awareness has improved over the years and more and more patients with depression are coming forward to get help. Many patients respond very well to therapy and medication management. However, there is a large group of patients that do not respond to these treatments or have very bothersome side effects.

It has been very exciting to have several new options for these patients. TMS is a treatment for depression that is extremely well tolerated and very effective for patients who have struggled with various medications. Ketamine and Spravato (nasal spray esketamine) are also exciting depression treatments that work in different ways than typical medications. I find that patients are excited and hopeful when they learn that there are alternatives that may improve their mood and quality of life.”

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Hear from an Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic TMS Patient

The video below is from a recent TMS Patient who saw strong benefits from the treatment

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