Identifying Depression and Resources for Help & Treatment

What Is Depression?

Depression is a real, legitimate mental health condition that affects thoughts, emotions, and actions. Depression is different from feeling down for a few days. People who have depression may feel like they won’t ever feel happy again, or like their problems will never resolve.

Common Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of depression differ from person to person. Some people who are living with depression may find that symptoms come and go, while others may find that their symptoms are consistent over time.

Symptoms of depression may include:


Living With Depression? Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic can Help

When you’re living with depression, it’s normal to feel like no treatment will be effective. Thankfully, there is hope. At Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic, we offer a full range of psychiatric services to help you begin the recovery process. We’re here to help—not to judge. Reach out to us today to chat about potential depression treatment options.

Additional Resources

Listen to writer Andrew Solomon eloquently discuss his difficult battle with depression in this TEDx talk.

The American Psychiatric Association’s site includes resources for patients and families.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers resources for people who are living with depression.



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