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Profile Picture of James O. Davis IV, M.D.
James O. Davis IV, M.D.

Upon completion, Dr. Davis started his private practice in July 2008 with Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic. His private practice includes adult 18 years and older. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Davis also sees college students at UCA and Hendrix.

Dr. Davis has a special interest in depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. Clinic hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am -12pm.

“I have been an outpatient psychiatrist since 2008 and have seen the devastating impact that depression can have on patients and their families.  Luckily, awareness has improved over the years and more and more patients with depression are coming forward to get help.  Many patients respond very well to therapy and medication management.  However, there is a large group of patients that do not respond to these treatments or have very bothersome side effects.

I have to admit I was initially skeptical when our clinic began discussions about having TMS as an option in our clinic.  My main concern was, “Will this actually work?”  Two years later, I could not be more excited about TMS as an option for treatment-refractory depression.  Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic TMS has now completed over 2,800 treatments with excellent results.  Patients often note feeling happier and enjoying relationships and hobbies again.  They note feeling more motivated, energetic, and more focused.  Patients are relieved that they don’t have to worry about medication side effects like weight gain, sedation, and sexual side effects.  TMS gives hope to those depressed patients who feel they are out of options with medication management.”

-James Davis, MD